Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion x Gender Studies?

I am struggling a bit with honing in on my topic for the last paper. I know I want to write about fashion and possibly gender studies but I am not sure about an "issue" or "problem" I can discuss.

I am working with ideas of gender roles throughout history and its connection to women's fashion trends.

I was thinking on focusing on extreme fashion trends that cause health problems and even disfiguration such as footbinding, corsets, and stiletto heels.

Besides serious health consequences, many of these fashions also made women immobile, fragile, and left women helpless on their own.

I also wanted to explore the fetishes associated with these fashions and the sexual undertones.

Maybe I could write about Fashion and Health or Fashion and Psychology? I am just worried I do not know anything about Health or Psychology....

Well for now, enjoy these fabulous photos of extreme fashion.

Christian Louboutin's extreme ballet shoes

A Victorian Corset

Ancient Chinese "Lotus" shoes-- the foot would be deformed to fit into these shoes

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