Sunday, December 9, 2012


This class has taught me that there is an interconnection between all fields in the humanities and if one looks closely enough, the connections will show themselves. Using art to shed light on another issue like a psychological one is valuable because it adds a visual element. It is easier to find "truth" when one is exploring an issue from many sides and different disciplines.

I have learned that in order to have a well-researched paper, one must start researching very early on. Also, it is important to broaden or shorten one's scope depending on the topic. Since there was little to no information about my topic, I broadened my research to include general essays on Victorian life, books about Victorian fashion and anything I could find about sexuality in this time. Towards the end of my research I finally came across an article that confirmed tattooing was pervasive. From there, I was left with many more topics to research and search for but I didn't have time. I also learned that the USC library does not have a lot of information about tattoos in general. I felt that a lot of the evidence I was searching for lives in England.

I have learned that collaborating is a very useful process but online, a lot of that diminishes. It is much more valuable to talk to my classmates in person. I found talking in groups of three was the most helpful because one had the chance to hear two different opinions and suggestions but not too many as to overwhelm.

In the future, I would like to learn more about the underbelly of the victorian society. I am extremely fascinated by it. I was just reading Generation of Swine by Hunter S. Thompson and he mentions these clubs of aristocratic men who would rape, murder, and beat people up for sport. Just like Clockwork Orange but it actually happened and it was the wealthiest of men who participated. I am very interested in this deviance and the connection between having loads of money and cruelty.

As far as writing goes, I hope that my papers in the future will be better written and I will be able to have a unique perspective and continue to find topics that are unique.

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